Kisi kisi Ujian Bahasa Inggris II

Use the correct tense of the verb in each sentence; Simple Present, Present Perfect Tense or Simple Past Tense.
1. He (work) hard every day.
2. The children (sleep) for two hours every afternoon.
3. That French girl (speak) English very well.
4. He (want) to leave now.
5. The Starbuck’s coffee (taste) very delicious.
6. The committee of Debate Competition (exam) the material now.
7. The Mie Cakar Ayam (taste) very good.
8. Nico (have) a cold.
9. Denny (mow) the lawn now at the back of the house the day before yesterday.
10. Andri (do) the exercises every Sunday at Crescendo Music School.
11. I am sitting in class right now. I (sit) in class at this exact time yesterday.
12. I do not want to go to the zoo today because it’s raining. The same thing (happen) yesterday.
13. I (call) Roger last night but he (be not) at home. He (study) at the library.
14. I (hear, not) the thunder during the storm last night because I (sleep).
15. I got a package in the mail. When I (open) it, I (find) a surprise.
16. Stanley (climb) the stairs when he (trip) and (fall). Luckily, he (hurt not) himself.
17. My brother and sister (argue) about something when I (walk) into the town.
18. I (not, attend) any parties since I came here.
19. Armand (be) here since April 2009.
20. I (know) Budi and Imam for 2 years.
Problem with parallel structure:
1. Incorrect: Jane is young, enthusiastic, and she has talent.
Correct: Jane is young, enthusiastic and talented.
2. We learned to read the passages carefully and underlining the main ideas.
3. The duties of the secretary are to answer the telephone, to type letters, and bookkeeping.
4. The patient’s symptoms were fever, dizziness, and his head hurt.
5. Professor Suyanto enjoys teaching and to write.

Parallel structure after inclusives:

1. Rudi Hartono not only famous in Indonesia, but also abroad.
Rudi Hartono is famous not only in Indonesia, but also abroad.
2. The exam tested both listening and to read.
3. He is not only intelligent but also he is creative.
4. A century ago in America, all postal rates were determined not by weight but measuring the distance that the mail had to travel.
5. Four basic elements make up all but one percent of terrestrial matter, including carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen is also.
6. The three thousand stars visible to the naked eye can be seen because they are either extremely bright or they are relatively close to the earth.
7. George Kaufman distinguished himself as a newspaperman, a drama critic, and he was successful playwright.

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